High cholesterol has been linked to serious health problems – but many of us assume it’s something we only need to worry about when we get older.
Loneliness should be regarded as a “legitimate health risk" in people who have a serious illness, according to a new study.
The patch has been tested in rabbits and will now be trialled on humans.
It is unclear what the organ was supposed to be used for.
everybody banner In my worst moments, I wondered why other people wreck their bodies by drinking alcohol, smoking, and eating the wrong kind of food instead of working out and taking better care of themselves. They had healthy hearts but were taking them for granted. However, later I figured if I didn't have a problem with my heart, I would probably take it for granted too.
I hesitate in regards to listening to the news these days as it's so difficult to hear, but at the same time there is so much strength and pulling together going on too. There is so much distress around at the moment, it's important to rest back from it all now and then and take care of yourself.
Watching Jimmy Kimmel announce to the world that he had become a father again, I saw the heartbreak in his eyes, I saw the fear, the overwhelming emotion. It wasn't just that he had become a father, but he had become a father to a heart baby.
Heart disease claims the second-highest number of South African lives after Aids.
What followed was a lifetime of health problems, mainly prompted by a leaky valve in the heart which had been discovered at the meeting with the insurance company's doctor. In 1996, my fragile but hardworking heart literally began to break - and it was to do so twice over in the coming years, both physically and emotionally.