US Fast Food Chain Serves Up Sunny Side Doughnut Breakfast Burger (PICTURES)

10/10/2012 17:45

The wait is finally over. HuffPost UK Lifestyle may have found the most unhealthy meal in the world. *dusts off calorie crown*

American burger chain, Slater's, has introduced the 50/50 Sunny Side Donut Burger.

As reported on Food Beast, for just $9.95, customers receive a half-beef, half-bacon burger, with cheese and a fried egg, sandwiched between two doughnuts. But, you'll have to pay attention, as the burger's only available during the hours of 9am – 12pm on football weekends.

Also on the menu at Slater's are Fried Chicken and Pancakes, Guinness Mint Chocolate Milkshake and The Flamin' Hot Burger.

Of course, heart-damaging food concoctions aren’t anything new in the UK, as it was revealed this year that a café in Great Yarmouth sells a 6,000 kcal breakfast that weighs the same as a baby.

Slater's 50/50 Menu

Such food gimmicks should ensure that Americans reach their goal of becoming obese by 2030...

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