The Creator restaurant in San Francisco is employing a machine to create its burgers and it's proving to be a hit with customers. The burger patty moves along a conveyor belt as fresh ingredients are sliced or grated on top of it. According to the restaurant, it has taken them eight years to develop and perfect the machine.
At least it's better than the 'flexitarian' burger...
There’s are times - break-up/hangover/Sundays - when a burger fixes all that’s wrong with the world. But sometimes, in the
Before travelling somewhere, I always like to hit up friends for recommendations, so this was no different when travelling to Los Angeles. On a list filled with the obligatory trips to the Hollywood Sign and Walk of Fame, one eating spot made multiple appearances - Connie and Ted's
The punchy burger sauce is spiked with harissa, an amazing chilli paste made of roasted red chilli peppers, garlic, rose petals, cumin and other spices - it's one of those ingredients that's worth spending a little more money on.
McDonalds has unleashed a burger of concrete colour, in what appears to be the next big publicity stunt for the fast-food