French Alps Shooting: Al-Hilli Uncle Ahmed al-Saffar Criticises Police Investigation

22/10/2012 12:51

A close relative of one of the French Alps shooting victims has criticised the French police's handling of the investigation, claiming that his family has been left "damaged".

Dr Ahmed al-Saffar, the brother of Mrs al-Hilli's mother, who was one of the victims, told the BBC's Today programme: "What is unfortunate is... the French prosecutor focussing on the family and dismissing all other lines of investigation.

“This has made a great damage to the family."

saad alhilli

Saad al-Hilli, whose was murdered in the attack alongside his wife and mother-in-law

Since the horrific shooting took place in early September very little progress has been made in the investigation, with Saad al-Hilli's Iraqi background, a possible falling-out with his brother Zaid and his links to the defence industry seemingly being the main lines of enquiry.

Dr al-Saffar added: "I think the French prosecutor should make a professional investigation and not dismiss any part or line, just focussing on the family it is not fair and not the right thing.”

Asked for his reaction over a recent comment from the French police that the case might take ten years to solve, Dr al-Saffar replied that it was "very surprising to jump to this conclusion".

police annecy

Members of the media survey the murder scene near Chevaline in the Haute-Savoie region of south-eastern France

Engineer Saad al-Hilli, his wife and mother-in-law were brutally murdered in a remote spot close to Lake Annecy, along with French cyclist Sylvain Mollier.

It emerged on Friday that police now believe Mr Mollier, 45, was actually the first to be killed.

French Alps Shooting
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