The dust has barely settled on the US 2012 Elections yet already speculation as to who will head the 2016 Republican charge is rife.

A number of names are being bandied around but don't believe anything you hear.

The Huffington Post UK is the only authority you need and our very serious and incredibly accurate guide is guaranteed to give you all the info you need to make an informed and quite possibly foolish decision.

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  • Jeb Bush

    Age: 59 Occupation: Former Governor of Florida Pro: He's guaranteed to win the 2016 Florida vote, no matter what Con: 'President Bush' has a certain…'tainted' ring to it

  • Chris Christie

    Age: 50 Occupation: Governor of New Jersey Pro: He was a rock for New Jersey during Superstorm Sandy Con: He's as big as a rock

  • Glenn Beck

    Age: 48 Occupation: Conservative News Pundit Pro: Are you kidding? Con: None, as long as you're a straight, white, Christian male. It's everyone else who is screwed

  • Marco Rubio

    Age: 41 Occupation: Senator Pro: Good skin Con: Lied about his parents fleeing Castro's Cuba

  • Bobby Jindal

    Age: 41 Occupation: Governor of Louisiana Pro: An Indian face can only improve the image of the Republicans Con: His real name is Piyush, he's nicknamed after his favorite 'Brady Bunch' character

  • John Bolton

    Age: 63 Occupation: Lawyer Pro: He has a superb moustache and always carries a packet of Werthers Originals on him. Probably Con: He's never met a war he didn't like

  • Nikki Haley

    Age: 40 Occupation: Governor of South Carolina Pro: An Indian, female face could help over-ride the stuffy, white male image of the Republicans Con: She attends both Sikh and Methodist services. Having two religions is worse than having none in the States.

  • Bristol Palin

    Age: 22 Occupation: Youngster Pro: She's not Glen Beck Con: Her mother was derided for being inexperienced so skipping a generation can only be a regressive step for the Republicans

  • Rand Paul

    Age: 49 Occupation: Senator Pro: He's Ron Paul's son Con: He's Ron Paul's son

  • Paul Ryan

    Age: 42 Occupation: Republican Party for Vice President of the United States,until recently Pro: Full head of hair Con: Gimpy smile