Rand Paul

11 Senate Republicans voted against a motion advancing $40 billion in assistance to Ukraine for its ongoing war with Russia.
Only five Republicans broke with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and voted with every Democrat to let the trial go forward.
The scale of deception on show was simply monumental.
Senator Cory Booker made an emotional plea for the Kentucky Republican to yield his objections.
But to no avail ... And where is the Bill? Updates to follow. Since more than 20 million people now depend on the Affordable
Donald Trump has endured plenty of name-calling during his presidential campaign, from "bigot" to "fascist" by way of "racist
Forget Donald Trump, the winner of last night's Republican presidential debate may well have been "the British guy". The
No, America, Planned Parenthood isn't selling baby parts. They're not actually "selling" anything. Like nearly every other hospital or clinic in the country, they provide donated tissue blocks from surgical procedures for medical research; research that has likely saved the life of people you know.
NEW YORK -- The Patriot Act, the controversial legislation passed by George W. Bush following the 9/11 attacks, is set to