Marco Rubio

He hasn't called out Donald Trump's misinformation about the coronavirus, but he has criticised advice from the nation's top infectious disease expert.
Pentagon consultant makes bombshell revelation to the New York Times.
Lawmakers’ latest attempt to fight human trafficking could end up hurting voluntary sex workers.
Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-Okla.) will take over control of the space agency after seven-month standoff.
I lived in Hong Kong for the first five years after its handover to China. I know Hong Kong's political prisoners Joshua
The five things you need to know on Wednesday March 16, 2016… 1) OS-BROWN’S SCHOOL DAYS The comparisons between George Osborne
Marco Rubio ended his 2016 presidential election campaign on Tuesday after the senator lost his home state to Donald Trump
Ultimately the saving grace for anti-Trump Republicans might have to come when either Rubio or Cruz drop out of the race, allowing their supporters to combine rather than split their votes. I'm no Republican but for the sake of the tenor of political debate in America, I hope they are able to find an effective counter to the Donald Dynamo soon.
Donald Trump's biggest fans went to a campaign rally dressed as one of the preposterous presidential candidate's most infamous