It has not been a good week for Ukip, with several of the Eurosceptic party's candidates finding their political careers coming to an abrupt end after allegations of Nazi-sympathising and homophobia.

But some of their candidates, and their supporters, have been guilty of less serious crimes - crimes against grammar and accuracy.

Here HuffPost UK takes a look at some of the silliest election leaflets put out by the party.

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  • Ukip Beaconsfield

    Some interesting grammar on the leaflet from Ken Wight, candidate for Beaconsfield. (h/t <a href="" target="_blank">@Hope Not Hate</a>)

  • Ukip compares immigration to Native American oppression

    In 2010, Ukip issued a leaflet in Lancaster which compared immigration in the UK to the plight of Native Americans. The leaflet, <a href="" target="_blank">uploaded on The Straight Choice</a>, depicts a Native American in full head dress with the caption: “He used to ignore immigration … now he lives on a reservation”.

  • Ukip Staffordshire

    <a href="" target="_blank">A leaflet posted through letterboxes in Staffordshire</a>, in support of Ukip candidate David Nixon’s leaflet was illustrated a cartoon of a young boy holding a placard which said: “Rights for Bi-Sexuals We demand the right to marry With (at least) one man and one woman.” Below it said: “Where will it end? – A child should have the right to a mother and a father.”

  • Ukip Suffolk

    The leaflet proudly announces Suffolk candidate David Reynolds' opposition to the high-speed rail HS2, even though the route does not go through Suffolk.. (h/t<a href="" target="_blank"> Jack Lay</a>)

  • Ukip on HS2

    UKIP’s 2010 manifesto <a href="" target="_blank">promised to invest in three high-speed rail lines</a>.. But now the party is staking its reputation on opposing HS2, which will run through Tory heartland areas

  • Same Sex Marriage leaflet

    One rambling leaflet posted through letterboxes in support of Ukip describes "ordinary people" and "real people" who are against gay marriage. (H/T<a href="" target="_blank"> @LiamBowles_</a>)

  • Ukip... or is it?

    We couldn't resist including this one... for its sheer silliness. This is not a Ukip leaflet. This is a leaflet promoting Conservative Party candidate in the Eastleigh by-election, Maria Hutchings, in Ukip colours. Subtle.

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