Flights could be taking off this summer – two years after the last attempt to get planes off the ground failed.
The former president claimed that he spoke to the family of Ruby Garcia, who was allegedly murdered by her boyfriend, an undocumented immigrant from Mexico.
Remember how the PM tried to present the Rwanda bill as his flagship policy...
Remember when the government said the Bibby Stockholm barge would a cheaper alternative?
The former president again claimed, without evidence, that other countries are sending criminals to the US border.
David Neal had claimed hundreds of private flights are landing in the UK without being checked.
Home secretary James Cleverly's posts on banning care workers from bringing dependents with them to the UK.
Lib Dems plan "Cupid clause" bill on Valentine's Day designed to block increase in income requirements.
Major general Charlie Herbert said it would be "beyond shameful" in Afghan interpreters were deported there.
Former immigration minister Robert Jenrick says the legislation does not go far enough.