His poignant version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity has made astronaut Chris Hadfield one of the coolest men not on the planet.

And a look at his Twitter feed reveals a stunning collection of images taken from space, including day-to-day life on board the International Space Station.

Hadfield’s mission comes to an end on Monday when he returns to earth.

the black sea taken from space

View from the ISS: 'Dr Seuss-inspired swirls in the Black Sea'

chris hadfield space oddity
Commander Chris Hadfield performs David Bowie's Space Oddity

While we’ll be glad to have him back, we’ll miss his out-of-this-world hijinks.

We salute you, Commander Hadfield.

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  • The moon rising over a bed of cloud

  • The southwest corner of Africa

  • Clouds over Hull and the Humber Estuary

  • Belfast, at the mouth of the River Langan

  • Utah ski hills

  • Spaceships glowing blue in the dawn over Florida

  • Canada

  • Dr Seuss-inspired swirls in the Black Sea

  • Crew preparing for a spacewalk

  • A storm swirling off the Irish coast

  • Nicosia (Lefkoşa) and the rugged north Cyprus coast

  • Scotland in the Spring sunshine

  • Sunrise catches the clouds, mid Atlantic

  • A lone jet draws a straight line across the Tatras

  • Dr Tom Marshburn

  • Crew 'light the universe on the dark side of the globe'