hunger games spoof david cameron

(Created for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Schneider and Simon Hume)


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  • Gordon Brown attempting to high-five a baby

  • David Cameron attempting to high-five these children, all at once

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  • Mitt Romney making a baby cry

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  • Nick Clegg formally shaking hands with a toddler

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  • Gordon Brown ignoring this baby

  • Barack Obama being confused by this baby

  • David Cameron playing football with these kids

  • David Miliband playing hard ball with a balloon

  • George Osborne being baffled by craft

  • David Cameron and Nick Clegg ignoring this boy

  • Tony Blair trying to making small talk with a baby

  • Gordon Brown looming over this baby

  • Alex Salmond in the 'naughty pen' at a playgroup

  • Bill Clinton holding this unimpressed baby

  • David Cameron trying to get down with these boys

  • David Cameron trying to engage with a baby that's more interested in the cameras

  • Ed Miliband playing ball

  • Hillary Clinton not 100% sure about holding this baby

  • These kids who are hugely impressed by David Cameron

  • Nick Clegg barging in on an art class

  • The boy on the far left's reaction to David Cameron

  • This little boy running away from Ed Miliband

  • This little girl who has absolutely no interest in Gordon Brown

  • Nick Clegg attempting to kiss a baby who's more interested in his pint

  • David Cameron 'chillaxing' with the kids