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15 Stunningly Uncomfortable First Responses To David Cameron Tweets

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Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

You know that moment when you tweet and then you wait for your first response? Well, British PM David Cameron probably doesn't relish it as much as the average Twitter user.

So here's 15 examples of different levels of abuse levelled at Davo when he (or whoever runs his account) tweets. What starts out as rather polite responses so descends into, well, read on.

  • 1
    The polite, productive and respectful
  • 2
    The 'I'm Being Serious, Honest'
  • 3
    The 'Use The PM To Batter The Brits'
  • 4
    The Worthy Political Retort
  • 5
    The Sucker Punch
  • 6
    The Uncomfortable
  • 7
    The Smart Arse
  • 8
    The Honest
  • 9
    The Slightly Too Much Information
  • 10
    The Unkind
  • 11
    The Politely Pissed Off
  • 12
    The Fall About Laughing Comedy Abuse
  • 13
    The Hammer
  • 14
    The Hammer: Part II
  • 15
    The Hammer: Part III

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