Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis' Downing Street Catwalk Verdict

02/02/2015 16:56 | Updated 04 February 2015

Sashaying down the Downing Street catwalk, Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis set Westminster tongues wagging with his untucked shirt, sweeping black leather trench and roguish smile.

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The feisty electric blue shirt is a shade recently styled by Olivia Wilde, Michelle Obama and Amy Poehler. Matthew Matthew McConaughey chose the colour for his suit at the Screen Actors' Guild Awards.

"It's quite a statement shirt for this occasion, it does make a statement, and he's picked a visit to Downing Street to make that statement," says menswear expert Oliver Tezcan, chief executive of The Idle Man and previously a buyer for ASOS.

"The shirt is actually quite a City boy look, it's not as casual as you think, there's definitely a sheen to it which makes it more formal. Underneath, he's actually wearing a black blazer, so it's not in principle that dissimilar to a normal jacket and shirt.

"But it's the little details that make it a statement, there's the tapered black trousers, the biker shoes, and the long wax jacket which looks similar to a Barbour jacket, their international range is quite motorcycle-inspired. For a man of his age, it's certainly bold to go that style."

Osborne's look is thoughtful in its own way, Tezcan said. "He's a typically English, ex-public schoolboy. The Saville Row navy suit, the lace-up Oxfords, it makes the Greek finance minister look more casual by comparison, because Osborne's style is very sober" Tezcan added. "His haircut is a nod to current fashion, though, it's a Caesar-cut that's inspired a lot of men of a certain age."

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