Parents Can't Say No To This Girl's Brilliantly Worded Request For The One Thing She Wants This Christmas

30/11/2015 11:37 GMT | Updated 30/11/2015 11:59 GMT

This girl just wants one thing for Christmas, and she's doing everything she can to get it.

Her mum uploaded a photo to Imgur of the girl's Christmas list, which shows just how much effort she's gone to prove to her mum she really, really wants a cat.

In 16 different languages including English, German, Russian, Chinese and Turkish the girl writes: cat.

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The girl's mum revealed the reason her daughter is so desperate for a cat for Christmas on Reddit.

She wrote: "We lost both of our cats, she really misses them…

"Cat #1 ate something and it got stuck in his intestines. Cat #2 ran away, it’s been about two months.

"Husband says he will leave if I get a cat. Looks like we are getting a cat. Less work than the husband."


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