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Annabelle Thorpe

Novelist, Travel Writer, Lover of Crisps

I'm a writer. Slightly over-excited author of debut novel The People We Were Before, set in pre and post-war Croatia, (Asin no 1784299480) published by Quercus, April 2016. Long-time travel hack, writing mostly for The Times, along with opinion pieces, online content, press releases, postcards and shopping lists. Also an Editor at 101 Holidays and have been known to dabble in PR and media strategy. My online home – slightly sparsely furnished - is here

Spring Gardens To Visit Now!

Gardening is not for everyone. While there are millions of us who love to grub around at weekends, transplanting seedlings, weeding veg beds and pruning over-enthusiastic shrubs, there are millions more who look out of the window, shrug and return happily to the sofa.
11/04/2017 10:11 BST

Spring Breaks For Every Age

April and May are ideal months for a weekend break, and most cities and regions have a packed calendar with festivals, food fairs and concerts. Whatever your passion - food or flowers, music or art - there's an event with your name on it.
03/04/2017 12:32 BST

Ski-Free Winter Breaks

Winter holidays don't have to be about strapping things to your feet and careering down mountains. Tour operators are increasingly realising that there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the unique charms of winter - and most of them don't include a whacking increase on your insurance policy and the chances of coming home in a neck brace.
15/11/2016 13:45 GMT

Autumn Escapes: The Cities To Visit Now

Summer is over and the snows are yet to fall - so where to go if you want a few days away? Now is the perfect season for a city break - parks bask in autumn colours, sightseeing doesn't involve a million other tourists and and culture, cocktails and cafe society can all be ticked off in just one day.
03/10/2016 11:44 BST

Gastrobreaks: The Best Autumn Foodie Weekends

Summer's over. Feeling blue? Here's the good news. Autumn's just around the corner, season of mists and mellow fruitfulness, of olive and grape harvests, and food festivals across the continent. It's a time for leaf-scattered walks, followed up by cosy suppers in firelit pubs, or short-hop city breaks, where the streets throng with market stalls and it's still warm enough to linger over lunch in pavement cafes.
20/09/2016 14:49 BST

Holidaying by the Book: Six Perfect Summer Reads

Novels can be a fantastic way to learn more about the history and culture of a region, without the dry factual feel of a guidebook. Here are six novels that are perfect summer reading, and give an added dimension to a holiday taken in the regions where they're set.
08/07/2016 12:47 BST

Brief But Beautiful: The Best Short-Breaks to Book Now

It's that time of year when the whole world feels as if its gearing up for a week away somewhere hot and sunny - but if you haven't got the time or the budget, don't despair. A short-break somewhere different can be just as reinvigorating, and at this time of year there's a huge variety of trips on offer - from the simplicity of a shepherd's hut to the swankiest of the swank; a break by private jet.
09/06/2016 13:52 BST

Turkish Tourism: Why a Holiday in Turkey Shouldn't Be Off the Radar...

The beach clubs of Kalkan are quiet this summer. At Yali Beach, the pristine white loungers line the freshly-painted decked terrace that looks out over the glassily-clear sea. A clutch of blue t-shirted waiters huddle at the bar, grinning with delight when customers appear.
03/06/2016 15:01 BST

The Five Stages of Writing a Novel

Few things in life are more daunting than attempting to write a novel. Leaving aside the amount of words you have to write (novels are usually around 80,000 - 100,000 words), there's the enormity of having to create an entire world, peopled by characters that have come straight out of your imagination.
11/05/2016 22:09 BST

Getting Your Novel Picked Up - Ten Tips to Help You Find an Agent

It took me years to get an agent. Hours queuing in post offices, uploading over-sized email attachments, thumbing through the Artists and Writers Yearbook. I filled up folders with rejection letters, had meetings with agents that came to nothing, and put my novel away in a drawer more times than I care to remember.
12/04/2016 17:27 BST