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Asa Cusack

Editor of LSE Latin America and Caribbean blog, Associate Fellow at UCL and Institute of Latin American Studies

Dr Asa Cusack is Managing Editor of the LSE Latin America and Caribbean blog, Honorary Research Associate of University College London, and Associate Fellow of the Institute of Latin American Studies, University of London. He holds a PhD in Latin American and Caribbean Political Economy from the University of Sheffield. He has contributed to various print, digital, and broadcast media (including The Guardian, BBC, Venezuela Analysis, openDemocracy) on Venezuelan and regional politics.

Spain's Podemos Just Latest Victim of Toxic Venezuela Monster!

Spain's traditional parties aim to halt the remarkable rise of Podemos by painting links to Venezuela as foreign intervention. Like many Podemos policies this is an import from Latin America. The good news is that it makes no sense. The bad news is nobody cares.
25/03/2015 12:11 GMT

Why No Solution to Oyster-Contactless 'Card Clash' on London's Tube and Buses?

For most people the real issue is having to take out their Oyster various times a day instead of just pressing their wallet or purse against the reader. A trivial complaint? Perhaps, but with about 19 million Oyster journeys a day, that adds up to a lot of needless frustration. So why haven't TfL come up with a solution?
17/09/2014 12:25 BST

Venezuelan Presidential Elections 2013: All Over Bar the Shouting

With just a few days to go before Sunday's elections (14 April), there's only one winner: Chávez's former vice-president Nicolás Maduro. Here we look at the last-minute grenades coming his way and how he's batting them back with a little help from friends (and enemies) abroad.
11/04/2013 09:41 BST