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Becci Taylor

Associate Engineer at Arup and Women of the Future 2012 in Science & Technology

Becci is an Associate at the consulting engineering practice, Arup, where she has worked for 10 years since graduating from Kings College, Cambridge. As a building services engineer and building physicist, Becci works across all scales in the built environment, from art installations to masterplanning cities. She is passionate about efficient, functional design which produces beautiful, comfortable spaces that use fewer resources. She works collaboratively, using analytical techniques and specialist advice to solve problems.

Becci writes and speaks on a variety of forums within the construction industry and at a number of universities. She works internationally on projects with world leading art institutions and in developing countries, both paid and pro-bono. She was awarded the Women of the Future Award in Science and Technology 2012.

Always Ask 'Why?' (Stop Working Badly)

In a design workshop yesterday, I suddenly realised I wasn't trying. I wasn't contributing to the process by suggesting solutions, I wasn't listening. As soon as this struck me, I leaned forward, started thinking and got involved. Afterwards I felt very happy and left the meeting feeling lighter and much more positive about life. I also felt determined not to let that happen again!
19/09/2013 12:02 BST

Why Don't We Design Better?

Why are systems so often set up to prevent the success that is possible with truly collaborative, integrated design? I work in the construction industry, where there are many barriers to achieving this goal.
06/01/2013 09:59 GMT

Mysterious Ambition

Ambition may have different emphases for women, but regardless of gender, there is sense of discontented ambition to be observed in my generation, a force that is more ambiguous than a plan for our lives.
08/11/2012 15:47 GMT

A Woman In Engineering Thinking About The Future

I've been involved in engineering for 16 years through school, university and now as an Associate at Arup. This is an important part of my life, and is especially exciting as we enter what the BBC calls engineering's golden age. I can now see the various strands of my personal interests and professional life starting to coalesce: being an engineer, being a woman, being passionate about design and wanting to make things better.
18/10/2012 09:32 BST