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Amy Woodworth

Policy and Campaigns Officer

Amy is Policy and Campaigns Officer at Become.

Why We Must Always Listen To The Child

Properly listening to children - giving them the chance to have their views heard, considered and acted upon - is a powerful thing, and gives a feeling of control to children. In a care system where they may not feel that they have much control at all - this makes it very powerful indeed.
02/10/2017 11:08 BST

More Understanding From Teachers Needed For Children In Care

We know that teachers encounter a variety of children with differing needs that must be met in their classrooms, so that every child can learn. But children in care are one of those groups of children who need particular help to learn, and who have particular circumstances in their home life that can impact on their education.
30/07/2017 21:06 BST

This Piecemeal Review Of The Care System Is Not The Answer Children Need

Over the past six years, we have seen a piecemeal approach to reviewing different parts of the care system. It began with a focus on adoption, and the appointment of a Ministerial Adviser on Adoption. That was followed by the Narey independent review of residential care. Now we have the Fostering Stocktake - a review into foster care.
17/07/2017 12:00 BST

Ten Things Carers Can Do To Prepare Care Experienced Young People For Independence

Young people leaving care are much more likely to be living independently at a far younger age than their peers. Not because they want to, but because they are forced to. Because they've not always got the support that allows them to stay in a familial home for as long they need, they've only got it for as long as it is legally obligated.
06/06/2017 11:44 BST

Let's Talk About Children In Care This General Election

Children in care face bigger issues than the type of school they attend - their achievement, or lack of in comparison to their peers, is rooted in bigger issues, like moving to new houses on a regular basis, moving family, and moving school many more times than the average child.
01/05/2017 18:06 BST

We Must Listen To Our Children In Care

We certainly don't want to stand in the way of innovation or improvements to a system that should provide children in care with the childhood that they deserve. But until children in care and care leavers' voices are heard in this debate, none of us can say that we are putting children at the centre of decision making, or making law that is definitely in their best interests. We believe that the Government should pause the passing of the Children and Social Work Bill to allow for sufficient consultation with children and young people.
24/01/2017 12:57 GMT

Corporate Parenting: What Can The Westminster Government Do Better?

About three years ago, I went to an awards event at a local authority. There were local councillors there, including the cabinet member with responsibility for looked after children and care leavers. That cabinet member stood up and said to the care leavers there that the councillors were their corporate parents.
14/12/2016 14:28 GMT

Higher Education Bill Must Prioritise Care Leavers

Over recent months the media has paid particular attention to the fact that disadvantaged working class white boys are five times less likely to go to university than those from the most advantaged backgrounds. However, few seem to acknowledge that that only 5 per cent of young care leavers went to university last year.
15/09/2016 16:03 BST