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Claire Jones-Hughes

Founder and Editor of parenting site

Claire Jones-Hughes lives in Brighton with her husband and two daughters. Blogging and tweeting since 2009, she founded a community website written by parents, for parents. She has contributed to local and national publications on a variety of parenting issues and a strong advocate of better breastfeeding education.

Eating My Way to Weight Loss

Like many women, I'm a serial dieter and have yo-yo-ed over the years. But now I'm done with the baby-making, I've got no more excuse to get healthy and lose weight. I'm looking for an eating plan I can adopt for life and keep the weight off.
08/03/2012 12:49 GMT

Absolutely Do Not Make New Year's Resolutions

It's that time of year. Most people will have already made resolutions. Twitter and Facebook are awash with posts declaring how people are planning to get organised, eat better, get fit. I say don't do it. Rip them up, press delete. Don't set yourself up to fail.
04/01/2012 15:51 GMT

Media (Breast)Feeding Frenzy in Brighton

Last week I organised a Breastfeed Flash Mob in Brighton. It was on the back of some harassment I received while feeding my four month old baby in public. More than 60 women took part to assert that public feeding is normal and vital for mums. We attracted a minor media storm plus it opened a much needed debate on public breastfeeding for the millisecond of news time.
21/12/2011 23:25 GMT