Claudia Tomlinson Bristol & London based writer and blogger

Having worked extensively in health and social care, youth justice and mental health, Claudia's primary interests are in the politics of health, education, and social care. Passionate about equality and social justice, at home and abroad, she writes about poor communities, development and public services.
She has extensive experience of the charity sector, with a current focus on refugees and asylum seekers. She is also currently embarked on a number of social research projects.
She has worked extensively in children and young people's services, and also takes an ongoing interest in youth justice, child mental health and development.
International interests include Africa, North and South America, and the Caribbean, and domestic interests include Westminster, race and women's issues. She has also written for Liberal Conspiracy, Left Foot Forward, the UK and nursing press, and the Race Equality Foundation. She also writes drama, comedy, and poetry.
Claudia has also worked as a lecturer, in adult education and takes an active interest in mentoring, coaching and development.

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