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Dr Philip Hallam

VC & CEO of Arden University

VC & CEO of Arden University

Why a Considered Approach to Clearing Is More Important Than Ever

It's August and for thousands of young people across the UK picking up their exam results that means one thing - decision time. And I have a feeling that making those decisions is going to be tougher than ever before, particularly for those who may have not received the grades they'd expected.
16/08/2016 16:21 BST

Will the New Postgraduate Loan Help Plug Our Skills Gap?

The introduction of the postgrad student loan is a massive step forward for students, higher education and the UK. If we just take care to nurture other pieces of the puzzle, it can also be a massive stepping stone to widespread skills development.
11/07/2016 12:22 BST

Employers' Changing Mindset Is Good News for Students

Last month Penguin Random House announced that they were dropping requirements for future applicants to hold a university degree. According to the company, the move has been taken in order to open up opportunities and attract a more diverse range of people into the publishing industry, which is often criticised for its lack of diversity.
25/02/2016 16:02 GMT

Why Students Should Make Research Their New Year Resolution

January is traditionally a time of change, a time when we take stock and assess future ambitions. For many students at colleges and sixth forms across Britain, it's also time to make an important decision about their future - where and what to study for a degree. Fewer things could be more important...
11/01/2016 15:13 GMT

Why Universities Must Not Let Mature Students Down

Provision of financial advice, flexible payment options, tips on keeping living/travel costs down and similar advice can and will make a big difference to individuals thinking of becoming a mature student.
27/10/2015 11:29 GMT

Why the MBA Is More Important Than Ever

This week is Adult Learner's Week, a "national celebration of lifelong learning" and a chance to throw the spotlight on opportunities, events and qualifications that make a real difference to students of all ages.
17/06/2015 13:27 BST

Why We Shouldn't Underestimate the HND

Think students, qualifications, careers, employment - did you think degrees? Most likely. Because the value of degrees, cost to study them and recognition of them in the workplace, has dominated education headlines for years.
24/02/2015 11:38 GMT

A New Breed of Degree for a Modern Workplace?

Whatever people do make of nanodegrees, I'm pleased to note that very few are using 'online distance learning' itself as a criticism of the concept. I believe this is a reflection of increasing mainstream acceptance of this study mechanism but also an acknowledgement of the changing face of online students.
07/01/2015 11:37 GMT

Mind the Skills Gap

Business and education. They should be perfect partners, with businesses relying on educational institutions to deliver individuals with the qualifications and skills they need to flourish, and educational institutions maintaining their relevancy by working to make sure they understand and reflect those needs in courses offered.
27/10/2014 16:36 GMT

Are Higher Education Attitudes a Barrier to Tomorrow's Talent?

Education is only part of the equation with this second statistic. But isn't it a shocking thought that we could potentially be losing our young talent to other countries simply because we're not having the right conversations with them about their career and education options?
05/08/2014 12:29 BST

Let's Give Hope to a Generation

I believe that a young person's future is dictated, in large part, by their own determination and perseverance coupled with access to meaningful education, support, and experience. But this report would indicate that there is a big problem here.
04/02/2014 15:14 GMT

The Traditional Academic Year Is Dead

The UCAS late applications deadline for 2013 courses came and went last Friday. Historically this deadline has been accompanied by a fanfare of last chance warnings urging students not to get 'left behind'. This year though, I noticed it was a much quieter affair and I think I know why.
25/09/2013 11:33 BST

A Level Results - No Place? No Problem

There are options - more options than ever before - and those students clutching their A Level results wondering what to do next need more support to help them explore exactly what is available to them, rather than being rushed into a decision that just isn't right for them.
15/08/2013 13:59 BST

Experience Counts: Do People Really Understand They Can Access Higher Education?

when it comes to adult learners making their aspirations a reality, there is a problem. People just don't realise how qualified they already are. A key factor that holds many potential adult learners back when considering pursuing a new qualification is that they don't appreciate that there is value in experience.
21/05/2013 13:35 BST

Do Online Learners Miss Out on the Campus Student Experience

Traditionalists suggest that these factors plus academic stimulation is what going to a UK university is all about. While online learning establishments may be able to assure academic quality, how can that 'experience' side of things ever be replicated in the same way?
05/04/2013 13:34 BST

UCAS Figures Show Appetite for Education and Change

Young people today have a far greater range of educational choices than ever before and, thanks to the technological revolution, numerous ways of accessing them. What these latest statistics show, when studied in context, is that these options are no longer going unnoticed.
05/02/2013 12:32 GMT

Finally, a Level Playing Field for Distance Learners

It's been a long time coming but this autumn heralds a new era for UK education. For the first time, students who want to study for their degree online have the same entitlement to tuition fee loans as those studying full time at university.
16/11/2012 12:05 GMT