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Dr Sharon Parry

Writer and editor of

Sharon is a writer and editor of lifestyle and parenting blog She is a married Mum of three daughters.

She loves to write about the parenting, health and emotional challenges that mid-life ladies face as their children need them less constantly. Her Youtube and Instagram accounts are packed with images of the new places that she discovers with her teen and adult children showing that a family can move forward and enjoy time together throughout and beyond the teenage years.

Prior to establishing a writing career, Sharon was a Research Fellow in Public Health and has a PhD in Epidemioloy.

Parental Nightmare No.1: The Teen House Party

My feelings on this subject are as follows: the words 'teen house parties' should only ever be found in sentences that also contain the words 'over my dead body'. I don't like what I've read about them, I don't like what I've heard about them and I just don't like the concept at all. So how did I end up with one in my house last summer?
25/10/2017 14:38 BST

School Nativities - What You Need To Know

As I am past the stage of attending school nativity plays, it may be safe (just) for me to reflect on this hectic and stressful, yet utterly wonderful, event in the primary school calendar. I've put together my top 10, very tongue in cheek, observations of the school nativity.
15/12/2016 14:40 GMT

Five Food Hygiene Tips for Freshers

I have made light of this advice but food hygiene is no joke. I worked as an Environmental Health Officer for many years and have investigated countless outbreaks of food poisoning where people have had their lives ruined by food borne disease - much of it preventable.
17/10/2016 11:59 BST

Ten Things You Shouldn't Do When Your Kid Leaves For University

Adjusting to your off-spring fleeing the nest and moving into university halls of residence is tough. Any parent that tells you that they have never thought of doing any of the following is either lying or hiding the fact that they have actually done several! I decline to reveal exactly how many have crossed my mind!
23/09/2016 14:26 BST