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Genevieve Sibayan

Designer, Writer, Creative...also an Actress

Genevieve's the Editor of where she writes about a miscellany of things to do with creativity, fashion, film and media. She designs clothes and has had designs sell on and in stores such as Miss Selfridge, H&M and Jane Norman. She's also working on a couple of screenplays, is a semi-proficient juggler and owns a hula hoop and a kazoo (neither of which she knows how to use). Oh and she's also an actress. For more information have a look at Genevieve's website or follow her on twitter.

Can Water Really Give me Perfect Skin?

Everywhere I look I'm being told my skin care routine is lacking in both routine and care. In an effort to change this I'm going to look one of the most widely used tips on attaining better, brighter skin and a generally healthier life to see if it works.
01/01/1970 01:00 BST