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Isabelle Lee

Twin mum, linguist, writer

Isabelle Lee is mum to boy/girl twins, providing an endless supply of perplexing issues to solve, interesting questions to answer and fundamental ideas to contemplate. When she isn’t being a chauffeur/carer/cook/cleaner she writes for Twiniversity (, TAMBA, Huffington Post, and on her blog

New School-Year's Resolutions

If, like me, you are so tied to the school year that September feels more like a new beginning than January, you may be feeling like now is the time to get into those good school/parent/life habits. Here is the list of (some of) my good intentions:
13/09/2017 14:20 BST

How To Appreciate Your Children's Childhood

So often I hear people with older or grown-up children say to me "appreciate this time - it's so precious, and over so quickly." I tend to reply, "Oh, I do." But what does it really mean to "appreciate" it, and how do we make sure we are?
09/03/2017 17:33 GMT

An Agnostic's Guide To Answering Your Children's Questions About Death

Talking about death to children is not an easy thing to do - far harder than teaching the facts of life! But how do you approach it when you are not sure of your own answers? I have tried to put together the worries and questions my children had, and how my husband and I, as agnostics, approached the answers.
20/02/2017 15:14 GMT

Maternal Instinct: Not What You Think It Is

Never in my life had I considered that I would be one of "those" mothers who don't get the maternal instinct. If I, who loved children from the moment of still being a child myself, couldn't develop it, what did this mean?
25/01/2017 14:25 GMT

Children With Christmas Birthdays: A Survival Guide

If you have children with a birthday around this already jam-packed time of year, then you know what I am talking about: a manic period of birthday AND Christmas shopping, birthday AND Christmas party preparations, birthday AND Christmas gift-wrapping, answering relatives' requests for birthday AND Christmas gift ideas.
13/12/2016 14:26 GMT

Help! What Are Phonics? A Confused Parent's Guide

Being a linguist, a primary school teacher, and a parent who taught my children to read, here is my breakdown for you, explaining why they are worth the effort, and why your child may become a better reader and speller because of them.
05/10/2015 11:07 BST

Learning From Your Mistakes - It Takes Practice

I'm not a perfectionist about everything - one look at the state my house is in most of the time can tell you that. But I can be hard on myself when I make mistakes. I have even been known to avoid a situation rather than risk making mistakes or making a wrong choice.
02/09/2015 10:28 BST

Encouraging a Reluctant Reader: Top 10 Tips

I am going to assume that you know the basics of making sure you have lots of books at home, that you read every day to your child (with enthusiasm!) and that you have books that interest your child. Beyond that, here are my Top 10 Tips...
07/07/2015 12:36 BST

If the Ugly Sister Got the Prince: Teaching Your Kids About Unfairness

This is a good message that we all try to teach our children, and we try to reinforce it as we bring them up: from the beginning we teach the difference between right and wrong with praise and reprimand, reward and punishment. But what happens when they grow up and see that others around them sometimes do the wrong thing and get away with it?
22/06/2015 10:57 BST

Flying With Kids - Top Ten Tips

I have been doing long-haul flights with my twins since they were three years old to visit family abroad, so my husband and I have become pros at negotiating airports and planes with young children. Here are my Top 10 Tips...
08/06/2015 17:21 BST

Burst Balloon: First Introduction to Death for Young Children?

We all know children have to learn this lesson eventually: nothing lasts forever. But it's a hard lesson to accept, whether you are a child or an adult. And nothing teaches it quite so simply or eloquently as a balloon. There is no escape from balloon grief!
02/06/2015 08:59 BST