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Joanna Penn

Thriller Author, Speaker, Blogger on Writing, Publishing and Book Marketing

Joanna Penn is the author of thriller novel Pentecost, described as ‘Dan Brown meets Lara Croft’. She has also written 3 other non-fiction books.

Joanna’s site was voted one of the Top 10 Blogs for Writers and offers help for writing, publishing and marketing your book. She is passionate about ebooks, indie publishing and empowering writers to meet their market online.

Joanna is also an avid traveller, scuba diver, cat-lover and drinker of pinot noir

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The Future of the Book: What You Need to Know as a Reader

In the digital future, it's not just about a physical book or even a plain text ebook which is what we have now. There have already been some tentative experiments in apps and enhanced ebooks but there is clearly a desire to see more of a push into developing a customer experience and not just providing a physical read.
15/12/2011 10:04 GMT

Why the UK is Behind America for Ebook and E-reader Adoption

It's an exciting time in digital but as a Brit recently returned to these fair shores as well as an independent author, I have been pondering why the uptake of ebooks and e-readers is so behind America and even Australia. Here are my thoughts.
04/12/2011 21:38 GMT

Five Reasons Reading Is Better on the Kindle Than in Print

I'm a confirmed bibliophile and most of my discretionary spending goes on books, although these days it's mostly on Kindle ebooks. Yes, I've made the switch and here's why you should consider putting the Kindle on your Christmas list.
14/11/2011 22:45 GMT