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Jon Connell

TV presenter and writer

At just 22, Liverpudlian TV presenter Jon Connell has a wealth of high-profile broadcast experience under his belt, bringing his wry style and comedic nature to a host of fast-moving, innovative, live TV shows.

Born with an inherent passion for television and unbridled enthusiasm for broadcasting, Jon secured his first on-screen break at the tender age of 14, as a panelist on two series of Channel 4’s live Question Time-style debate show, EFOURUM. Alongside the likes of Russell Brand, Davina McCall and Dermot O’Leary, Jon appeared as the programme’s regular statistician and pundit.

For E4’s debut series of Big Brother’s Big Mouth, Jon was invited to write and present his own ten-part VT strand, The Connell Files – a tongue-in-cheek round-up of the week’s Big Brother news. This was swiftly followed by another self-penned series, Jon Connell: The History Man. Interspersed with these VT strands, Jon continued to appear as a regular in-studio guest panelist and as BBBM’s roving reporter, covering major live events.

Jon subsequently devised Connell’s Contraptions for BBBM – a series of live, anarchic, improvised comedy sketches, aptly performed alongside Russell Brand throughout Big Brother’s halcyon days.

Jon has also worked as a weekly columnist for teen-orientated national showbiz gossip magazine Sneak, and presented his own regular feature Jon Connell’s Big Opinion on Channel 4 Radio’s Official Celebrity Big Brother Podcast.

After being an integral part of six series of Big Brother, Jon was shortlisted for a 4Talent Award – designed to recognise “the UK’s most exciting young creative talent” – and was third place finalist, and top individual male, for Royal Television Society Futures ‘Presenter In The Making’.

Most recently, aside from local radio work, Jon has presented for BBC1’s The ONE Show. Fronting a Beatles film for the programme proved a perfect fit for proud Scouser Jon, reflecting his passions for both the band and his home city of Liverpool, as well as utilising his encyclopaedic knowledge of popular culture, music and TV from all eras.

Charity work and major fundraising initiatives have also formed a significant part of Jon’s life so far, and he intends to do much more in this field in the future. Jon’s other interests include writing, comedy, theatre, variety, music hall, retro game shows, statistics, politics, trivia and darts. He is currently studying for a degree in English Literature with The Open University.

A selection of Jon’s TV work can be found on his YouTube channel or you can follow him on Twitter at

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