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Karen Edwards

Freelance travel & entertainment editor based in London

Karen is a freelance Travel and Entertainment Editor and Writer based in London, with over 12 years of experience writing for national magazines, newspapers and websites.

Previously Contributing Editor at the Sunday Mirror's Notebook magazine and Deputy TV & Reviews Editor at heat, she has written for a wide range of publications, including, Cathay Pacific's Discovery magazine,, Fabulous, Grazia,, Hello, Sunday Times Travel magazine and The Sun.

Karen can be found tweeting at @KarenNEdwards and on Instagram at @KarenNEdwards

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Travel Eye: A Wonderful Zambia Safari

Ahead of us, a hippopotamus dips under the water creating a ripple of bubbles. In the distance, we spot a family of elephants slowly crossing the river. Their trunks occasionally lifting in the air to act like snorkels, each following the one before in a careful line. Once safely on the other side, they graze on lush grass before disappearing into the foliage.
07/11/2017 14:35 GMT

Travel Eye: Explore South Australia's Kangaroo Island

At 1,701 mi², Kangaroo Island is easy to navigate. We begin our adventure in Adelaide, the 'capital' of South Australia state, where we hire a 4WD, tent and camping supplies. The ferry boards at Cape Jervis, just over 60 miles southwest, and within 45 minutes we're in Penneshaw - the main port on Kangaroo Island, where our adventure starts.
18/04/2017 13:06 BST

Travel Eye: Finding Bliss In The Maldives

At just under three acres, Thelu Veliga may be a small island but my partner Brad and I are in our own little haven; from our stunning water villa with a balcony that opens up onto the ocean, to a cosy restaurant and beach bar. With just 30 beach and water villas, the resort never feels busy, more remote and exclusive.
23/12/2016 12:00 GMT

Travel Eye: How To Book The Best Maasai Mara Safari Experience

Seeing drivers chase or crowd the wildlife for the benefit of a good view, is saddening. If this continues, we may no longer be able to enjoy these animals in their true element. We are grateful our camp and guide respect this beautiful ecosystem. It has never been more important to pick a safari experience carefully.
09/12/2016 16:35 GMT

Travel Eye: The Best Diving in Indonesia? These Top the List...

Located in what scientists call 'the coral triangle', Indonesia is surrounded by some of the planet's richest marine life. It is estimated 51,090sqkm of the country's surrounding water is made up of coral reef, an area home to everything from sharks and rays to Pygmy seahorses. So where do you find the most beautiful and biodiverse dive sites?
22/03/2016 16:13 GMT

Travel Eye: Fiji's Best Dive Sites

Thousands of Banner and Titan Trigger fish, Fusiliers and Moorish Idols dart around, their features all smudging together like watercolour on canvas. Oranges, yellows, blacks and blues - this underwater world is teeming with life. I'm mesmerised.
17/02/2016 11:55 GMT

Travel Eye: Experience the Real Australian Bush at Bamurru Plains

This is Bamurru Plains, a peaceful idyll on the Mary River floodplains in Australia's Northern Territory. With the famous red escarpment of Kakadu National Park to the east and dramatic cascades of Litchfield to the southwest, it's an overlooked region.
19/11/2015 10:57 GMT

Travel Eye: Whale-Watching in Eco-Friendly Kaikoura, New Zealand

It's not only sperm whales that are found in Kaikoura's waters. Other species include Blue, Minke, Southern Right, Beaked and Pygmy Sperm whales. Vicky tells us about their migrating cycles, the way they feed and bring up young. I'm genuinely bowled over by how much the team know.
24/04/2015 15:52 BST

Travel Eye: Go back to Basics in Gozo

The sky is a brilliant shade of blue. The sun pours through from behind the extravagant steeple of the Rotunda Church. A few old boys are playing cards at a rickety wooden table outside the bar. It's the only business still open, and probably the only bar in to
12/11/2014 09:34 GMT

Travel Eye: A VERY Different Country Spa Retreat

It left me feeling completely relaxed, calm and knot-free - but also wide-eyed, energised and emotionally healed. Sensations that seem to have lasted long after that inevitable return to busy, everyday life.
26/08/2014 13:31 BST

Travel Eye: Beautiful Places to Visit in Britain

Golden sands line the coasts on the west and north east, vibrant forests tower right next to gorgeous rolling plains - and although the weather can be unpredictable, when the sun does appear, the UK really does shine.
05/06/2014 14:25 BST

Travel Eye: Discover Sri Lanka's East Coast

Since the civil war ended in 2009, Sri Lanka has become a top Asian holiday spot. Most flock to the south and western beaches as they are easier to access from the capital's Bandaranaike International Airport, but the east and north have their own tales to entice you.
11/05/2014 22:55 BST

Travel Eye: Treat Yourself in Thailand

Heading to the sunshine for a special occasion? Or perhaps you're just tired of the backpacker digs? Whether it's a cosy boutique hotel in the jungle, a shack by the sea or a pampering palace you're after - you can find exactly what you need in Thailand.
29/04/2014 20:29 BST

Travel Eye: Budget Accommodation in Southeast Asia

Bargains don't pop up too often these days, meaning we're all holding out for "the right moment" to take that perfect trip. Well, that's where the wonderful region of Southeast Asia comes in. Because once you've bought the flight ticket, you'll find bumming around the area is actually pretty cheap!
16/02/2014 22:22 GMT

Travel Eye: The Best of Manchester

There is something about the spirit of Manchester that welcomes you right in. I'm not sure if it's the cosy bars, the music-mad locals, the ease in being able to walk everywhere, or the Mancunian accent (I love the accent), but each time I visit something draws me further into the heart of this city and now, I find it difficult to leave.
25/10/2013 13:20 BST