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Kat Brown

Journalist and Editor

Kat Brown is commercial projects editor at The Times. She also writes bar reviews for The Sunday Times Style website, and contributes tor Domestic Sluttery, GamesMaster and The Spectator arts blog. The Archers, cocktails, Nintendo and Twitter feature large on her list of favourite things.

Depression is a Killer: It Needs Rebranding

People still don't understand enough about depression, even now with all the blogs, the websites and the famous faces associated with it. Some of the most brilliant, funny, wonderful people I know are crippled by depression and it's a hideous waste.
10/11/2011 23:30 GMT

Writing For Free Doesn't Have To Mean Betrayal

When I said, with a glowing "Oh ho!", that The Huffington Post had asked me to blog for them, I received minimal "Oh ho" back. "Write about unpaid journalism," snarked my Twitterfeed, apparently confusing writing the odd piece with being put in a sweatshop and lashed until a Pulitzer came out.
04/07/2011 18:19 BST