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Korina Karampela

Founder of b4iapply, author, career strategy consultant

Korina Karampela is the founder of b4iapply, author, consultant and speaker. She has held senior positions in the pharmaceutical industry for 12 years and has an MBA from MIT Sloan.

Her blog is recommended by The Guardian for professional development.

Her ebook 'b4iapply to uni: the 4-step to success' is now available on Amazon and on iBookstore.

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Is it Worth Doing an MBA? Part II

<strong>The bottom line</strong>: The most difficult part of the process is to find what you really want to do in five-ten years. If you are clear about your objective, it is much easier to assess whether it is worth doing an MBA.
28/03/2013 15:54 GMT

Is It Worth Doing an MBA? Part I

When people come to me for advice whether to do an MBA or not, I am in a really awkward position. I don't want to discourage them - the fact that they want to do an MBA (and all the sacrifices that come with it) shows they are ambitious.
19/02/2013 14:05 GMT

When Not to Give Up

The dilemma <strong>when to give up or not</strong> becomes prominent when you face important decisions about career progression. For example: do you push for your next promotion or do you change companies?
14/01/2013 18:06 GMT

UCAS Clearing: Six (Rather Harsh) Choices to Make

I'd like to share six (rather harsh) choices I suggest your children consider, if they plan to enter Clearing. As George Clooney's character Chris Kelvin (the protagonist in the sci-fi movie <em>Solaris</em>) says: <strong>"There are no answers, only choices."</strong>
12/08/2012 14:06 BST

What Rory McIlroy and Serena Williams Have in Common?

Both Serena and Rory are<strong> top professional athletes</strong>. It seems they are very different personalities and don't have much in common. However, if we dig deeper, we will find out that their journey to success had similar ingredients.
11/07/2012 11:34 BST

Plan the Dream: Choose the Right University Degree

Finding what career path they want to follow is not a function of age; it is a function of the time and effort they invest. It is crucial that young people get the general direction right before they apply to university.
06/06/2012 17:22 BST

Five Harsh Realities About Higher Education

We really don't want this generation to end up with big debts around their necks and jobs they don't enjoy. We need to provide them with the tools and the confidence to make informed decisions that will get them off to a good start.
29/04/2012 21:23 BST