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Matthew Lynn

Chief Executive of Strategy Economics

Matthew Lynn is chief executive of Strategy Economics, a columnist for The Wall Street Journal MarketWatch and for Money Week. His most recent book is 'The Long Depression: The Slump of 2008 to 2031'.

Cameron Should Have Told us to Pay off Our Debts

When the Prime Minister David Cameron decided to devote a portion of his conference speech to urging us all to pay off our debts, he must have known he'd face a blizzard of criticism from the mainstream economies profession.
05/10/2011 23:51 BST

Osborne's Plan B - Follow Ronald Reagan

In the UK, there is a stultifying consensus among economists and pundits that the historical lessons we need to be learning are all from the 1930s.
29/09/2011 23:50 BST

Switch Out Of Sterling While You Still Can

Your bags should be packed. The swimsuit chosen, and a couple of paperbacks picked out. But if you haven't switched your pounds into a foreign currency yet, you still aren't fully prepared for the summer holidays.
14/07/2011 12:14 BST