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Mikey Smith

Reporter, blogger, minor geek

Mikey Smith is a digital reporter from Sheffield, currently working
as Student Media Coordinator at Sheffield Students' Union, Managing
Editor of Forge Press and reporter for Political Scrapbook. He's also written for Private Eye and the Sheffield Star.

Mikey's work, which saw him shortlisted for Reporter of the Year in the
2011 Guardian Student Media Awards, combines cutting edge online
reporting techniques with old fashioned principles of public interest
journalism. He's also responsible for HasGeorgeOsborneResignedYet.Com and the Steve Hilton Policy Generator. Find him at

How MPs Can Fix the Pay Rise Problem, Save Jobs and Secure Relection in One Easy Step

Imagine the public uproar if you accepted a 10% increase a few weeks after a lot of you of you hear-heared in a 1% cap on public sector pay rises. Well fear not, public servants of Britain. I have come up with an innovative solution which will not only rescue you from this awkward quandary, it'll guarantee you re-election and it's essentially altruistic...
11/07/2013 17:51 BST

Press Regulation - Why the Status Quo Works

The problem here isn't that the status quo isn't good enough. The status quo, properly implemented, works. If the police failed to investigate and prosecute phone hacking fully, the answer isn't a tougher regulator, it's a tougher police force.
18/03/2013 10:54 GMT

What the Point of a Local Newspaper, If Not to Keep Local MPs Honest?

Nick's line was a rather desperate piece of nonsense which relied on an understandable lack of knowledge of how local government finance works on the part of the public and a lack of will or ability to investigate on the part of the press to make the council's cuts seem mean and unnecessary.
06/03/2013 12:37 GMT

Who has Ruined More Lives, the Press or the Government?

This week I've found myself at odds with a number of friends and colleagues on the subject of press regulation, with the majority of my lefty acquaintances being in favour of Lord Justice Leveson's plan for an "independent regulator" underpinned by statute.
03/12/2012 10:56 GMT

Can the Tories - or Any Government - Be Trusted With Human Rights?

Sickening though the thought of sharing genetics with them may be, rapists remain human beings. A person's humanity can neither be removed nor relinquished - no matter how disgusting their crime. So if we consider, as per the UDHR, that the right to vote is a natural, human right, the only limit can be humanity
29/10/2012 12:10 GMT