N. Craig Smith INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics and Social Responsibility

N. Craig Smith is the INSEAD Chaired Professor of Ethics & Social Responsibility at INSEAD, the leading international business school with campuses in France, Singapore, and Abu Dhabi. He is also the Academic Director of the CSR & Ethics Research Group in the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre. He was previously on the faculties of London Business School, Georgetown University, and Harvard Business School. He is the author, coauthor or coeditor of five books and over thirty academic articles in journals such as Business Ethics Quarterly, California Management Review, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Consumer Psychology, Journal of Marketing, and MIT Sloan Management Review, as well as various book chapters and other publications. His two most recent books are: Mainstreaming Corporate Responsibility (with Lenssen; Wiley, 2009) and Global Challenges in Responsible Business (with Bhattacharya, Vogel and Levine; Cambridge University Press, 2010). He has a five-volume edited compilation forthcoming on Marketing Ethics (with Murphy; Sage 2012). Smith has also developed over thirty case studies on business ethics and corporate responsibility, including a number of award-winners/best-sellers. As well as a regular speaker at international conferences, he also conducts workshops with various organizations on business ethics and corporate responsibility/sustainability and serves on the Scientific Committee of Vigeo, the Advisory Board of Carbon Clear, and the Ethics Advisory Board of SNS Asset Management.