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Oana Romocea

Communications Specialist and Researcher in Migration and Media Studies

Oana Romocea is the Communications Manager at the Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford. She is also studying towards a PhD in migration studies at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Why Is Racism the Biggest Debate in the European Elections?

The title of a work of art by Tracy Emin which I saw at the Tate the other week got my attention: <em>Hate and Power can be a terrible thing.</em> This evocative title sums up the current debate in the electoral campaign for European elections in the UK. Candidates are fighting for power by employing hate.
22/05/2014 16:24 BST

Measuring Immigration Debate with the Hourglass

Time will tell if Cameron's tough talk will enable him to reach his personal goals both at home and abroad, though he is playing a dangerous game. At home, this episode might serve to radically shift the social thinking and ethos of British society <em>vis-à-vis</em> Europe, eventually leading to an EU exit which even most Tories still do not want.
19/12/2013 15:25 GMT

The Paradoxes of the Rosia Montana Mining Project

The arguments supporting the project which are used by the Canadian mining company, Gabriel Resources and borrowed by many Romanian politicians... seem reasonable at first glance. Well, that is until you put them in context and realise the paradoxes lying behind them. Let's take them one by one...
29/10/2013 19:54 GMT

The Resolute Revolution of an Emigrant Nation

Not many people have noticed that there has been a lot of public commotion in one corner of Europe. For well over a month, Romania has been boiling with protests, marches and demonstrations...
15/10/2013 13:31 BST

There Is More to UK Immigration Than Just Romanians and Bulgarians

In considering the ONS statistics, it is critical to stress that these foreign-born employees are legally working and paying tax, hence contributing to the British economy. Yet, headlines in the media too often highlight the inflammatory, not the factual.
20/08/2013 17:59 BST

Immigration - The Game Changer of British Politics?

It is baffling how immigration has changed the game in British politics these days. There are more fundamentally important issues facing British society, most notably a stalled economy that has the country on the edge of a triple-dip recession. Yet, the immigration threat, and the supposed ills it has unleashed on Britain, has gripped the public imagination.
13/05/2013 23:28 BST

The Semantics of Migration

In the light of the negative media coverage of the potential influx of Romanian and Bulgarian migrants, just in the last month I have been referred for the first time as 'being of less desirable origin' because of my ethno-national background. I swept the two incidents under the carpet and moved on, as most migrants do when faced with such stereotyping.
25/02/2013 18:18 GMT