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Phil Brown

Poet, poetry editor and English teacher

Review: Choman Hardi - Considering the Women

Considering the Women is impressive in the sense that it leaves its dent upon the reader. I came away from my first reading dizzied, imbalanced and ashamed in a way which I have not felt since first encountering the work of Primo Levi.
12/07/2016 09:26 BST

Book Review: No Map Could Show Them by Helen Mort

In the poems which follow, Mort often uses pronouns to emphasise conflict between the female climbers and the male hegemony they are flouting; "Where you made ways, / we will unmake" ('An Easy Day for a Lady') and "Take off the clothes they want to keep you in" ('How to Dress').
07/06/2016 11:16 BST

Is Beyoncé Recast as Lady Macbeth in Lemonade?

With her latest album, Lemonade, Beyoncé seems intent on disrupting that narrative. Let us not forget that Lady Macbeth disappears halfway through the play and dies off-stage, leaving her husband to utter many of the text's best lines. Clearly, this is not the ending Mrs Carter has in mind.
09/05/2016 11:28 BST

Snapshot of the Poet in the Portrait

Benjamin Sullivan's recent BP Award-nominated portrait of Hugo Williams is a powerful thing. It stirs memories in me of my experiences with the poet's work, and the poet himself, and how both have changed irreversibly in the past decade.
18/04/2016 22:54 BST

The Childish Nature of Poetry

So why is a child's mind so inherently poetic? A good portion of it comes from the fact that children are at a linguistic disadvantage to their elders and will often brilliantly bridge the gap in a creative fashion.
30/12/2011 19:29 GMT

Poetry Extinguished by Kindle?

I have no doubt that my Kindle and I will spend many happy hours together over the years - but until the greatest minds of my generation start scribbling verses in 91 x 122 mm, I'll stick with paper, ink and glue for poetry.
21/12/2011 12:03 GMT

Clarity of Expression and Dirty Money in Poetry

This month, Alice Oswald and John Kinsella withdrew themselves from the TS Eliot Prize shortlist. Their reasoning? The funding behind the TS Eliot prize now comes from Aurum, a hedge-fund investment company, rather than the recently withdrawn Arts Council Funding that used to keep the Poetry Book Society afloat.
16/12/2011 10:33 GMT