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Ramón Spaaij

Senior Research Fellow at La Trobe University, Australia

Inside the Mind of a Mass Killer

As North America and the rest of the world try to answer the question 'why' when it comes to the murder of innocent school children, current psychiatric research uncovers patterns to apparently random and motiveless 'mass' killings, which might reveal clues as to their impetus.In a paper just published in the academic journal Psychiatric Clinics of North America, entitled 'Mass Murder: Causes, Classification, and Prevention', Dr James Knoll from the Division of Forensic Psychiatry, SUNY Upstate Medical University, New York, reports the most up to date current psychiatric understanding of mass killers.
17/12/2012 18:25 GMT

Are Mass Killings Contagious?

There are many who will be furious at the attempt to diagnose mass killers, believing this is a way of them 'getting off' or of eluding responsibility. But since the vast majority of those diagnosed with any psychiatric disorder are not violent, personal responsibility probably still has a role to play, even if psychotic processes can be found in these killers.
24/07/2012 16:39 BST

The Future of Disruption of Public Events

An analysis of the 'lone wolf' phenomenon suggests that to describe all such individuals as merely 'idiots', is to grossly underestimate what you might be dealing with.
10/04/2012 22:22 BST