Sandy C. Newbigging Author, modern day monk teaching Meditation and creator of the Mind Detox Method

Sandy Newbigging is the creator of the Mind Detox Method (MDM), a teacher of meditation, and author of five books including 'Life Detox' (2007), 'Life-Changing Weight Loss' (2008), and his most recent, 'Peace for Life: Freedom from problems for better health and happiness' (2011). Sandy is a columnist for Yoga Magazine and his work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people around the world on television channels including Discovery Health. He runs clinics, courses and residential retreats that take a mind-body-soul approach to health, peace of mind, happiness and life success.

Sandy is the founder of the Mind Detox Academy and so far has personally trained Practitioners in his Mind Detox Method from 14 countries around the world. Sandy is also a qualified Teacher of Meditation. In order to become a teacher he meditated day and night for 24 weeks. He spent the first part of his training on the island of Patmos, Greece and the second part in the mountains of Mexico. During that time he explored the nature of the mind and stabilised his experience of resting in the still peace of the present moment. This enables him to teach from a very pure place and speak from his firsthand experience.

Sandy's most recent book, Peace for Life, is about getting peace with the past for better health and reconnecting with what Sandy calls the ‘inner peace that is always present’. Praise for Peace for Life includes:

"If you want remain calm amidst the stress of modern life – this is the book you're looking for. A clear, practical and wonderfully approachable guide to something we all need more of these days… peace of mind." - Timothy Freke, best-selling author

"I have no doubt you will enjoy and benefit from each and every word." - Barefoot Doctor, best-selling author

"Sandy gives you an owners manual for your mind, and the tools to clear blocks and access the power, peace and happiness that,as he shows you, already resides within you." - Nick Williams, best-selling author

"The perfect mix of a powerful and thorough process with tools for permanent peace... I like it very much." - John Parkin, best-selling author

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