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Sarah Caldwell

Mother, Doula, Blogger, Badass

I am a single mama to two awesome boys and a birth and postnatal doula. I am interested in birth, women's rights, parenting and those awesome bodies of ours.

Living With Postnatal Depression

Nearly nine years ago I was induced and gave birth to my son. Then he turned three. That's all I remember. I missed three years. I remember parts, but I couldn't tell you what his first words were, when he first rolled over, what his favourite food was, or what we did together.
15/05/2017 16:25 BST

Birth Is A Feminist Issue

You want to give birth in the corner of your bedroom in complete darkness whilst munching on rich tea biscuits? Do it. You want to book in to the Portland and receive a tummy tuck immediately after your planned cesarean? Have a fabulous time. These are empowering decisions that every woman should be able to make, and if it makes them feel powerful and in control and makes them feel like a warrior, well that's bloody amazing!
30/04/2017 17:24 BST

The Truth About Heartbreak And Becoming A Single Mum

I've written this because I am feeling it, right now. I am in the process of picking up all the pieces of our shattered life. I'm also writing it because I know how comforting it is to know that you aren't the first person to go through it.
24/04/2017 17:00 BST