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Shauni O'Neill

National Apprentice of the Year 2011

My name is Shauni O’Neill. I work for London Underground Ltd and I am the National Apprentice of the Year 2011. Currently I’m a Station Supervisor at Rickmansworth and an ambassador for TfL, NAS and City and Guilds; however before this I was an Operational Apprentice for two years.

For me choosing to do an apprenticeship has proven to have been the best option I could have possibly taken. Joining London underground at the age of 16 just after finishing my GCSE’s, I found myself constantly learning new things both in my job and also personally.

At the start of my career I met a very senior director who told me that ‘I make my own luck’. These words inspired me to do my very best.

Why I Swapped A-Levels for an Apprenticeship

If I had gone to college to take my 'A' Levels I wouldn't have these opportunities and I would be looking to get a loan to go to uni or find a job. As it is I already have a permanent job, have been earning rather than getting into debt and I know that if I continue to apply myself I will progress further at London Underground.
10/10/2011 12:14 BST