Tim Arnold Musician

Soho is Tim Arnold, and Tim Arnold is Soho. In the 50’s his comedian grandfather was entertainment manager for Paul Raymond. In the 60’s, Tim’s mother, Polly Perkins danced her way into Soho history as a Windmill Girl at the legendary Windmill Theatre, and his first Soho memory, aged eight, was the view from the stage door of the Queens Theatre. Aged 19, he signed his first record deal with Sony as the front man of 90’s Britpop band, Jocasta, embarking on a successful career in the music business. He has composed for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, Universal music and has subsequently released 14 albums, including the critically acclaimed ‘Secrets of Soho’ which is now being developed into a musical at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. ‘Soho Heroes’ is his first book and will be accompanied by a new album of songs that celebrate the area, ‘The Soho Hobo’ scheduled for release in early 2013.