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Timothy Reckart

Animator, Writer, Director

Timothy Reckart is an animator and director specializing in stop motion animation. He has a BA in history and literature from Harvard University and an MA in directing animation from the National Film & Television School. His debut short, Head Over Heels, has been nominated for an Academy Award. A native of Tucson, Arizona, Timothy now lives in New York City.

A Student Film's Path to the Oscars

I was in the middle of an early November film shoot when I found out <em>Head Over Heels</em> had made it to the Oscar short list of 10 films. My brother called my mobile phone and asked, "Have you seen the internet?" The Oscars were so far from my mind and he spoke with such a tonne of shock that I thought Mitt Romney must have won Ohio!
23/01/2013 18:31 GMT