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Tony Juniper

Independent sustainability and environment adviser, writer and campaigner

Tony Juniper is an independent sustainability and environment adviser, writer and campaigner.

Tony Juniper is an independent sustainability and environment adviser, including as Special Advisor with the Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit, Fellow with the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership and as President of the Wildlife Trusts. He is a founder member of the Robertsbridge Group that advises international companies. He speaks and writes on many aspects of sustainability and is the author of several books, including the award winning Parrots of the World,Spix's Macaw and How Many Light Bulbs Does It Take To Change A Planet? He was a co-author of Harmony, with HRH The Prince of Wales and Ian Skelly. His multi-award winning best-seller What has Nature ever done for us? was published in January 2013. His What Nature does for Britain, was published in February 2015 and What's really happening to our planet? In June 2016. He was a co-author of the Ladybird expert guide to climate change. He began his career as an ornithologist, working with Birdlife International. From 1990 he worked at Friends of the Earth and was the organisation's executive director from 2003-2008 and Vice Chair of Friends of the Earth International from 2000-2008. Juniper was the first recipient of the Charles and Miriam Rothschild medal (2009) and was awarded honorary Doctor of Science degrees from the Universities of Bristol and Plymouth (2013).,

Chocolate Giants In New Bid To Save The Rainforests

Perhaps as a result of these efforts the warm feelings engendered by the world's ultimate comfort food could be all the more pleasant, if companies can indeed successfully build forest protection and restoration into how they procure their most vital and amazing ingredient.
14/03/2017 11:53 GMT

Climate Change In Plain English

This week will see the launch of an unusual new communications initiative on climate change. Led by none other than His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales, it comes in the form of a new Ladybird Book on the subject. It's for adult readers and couldn't be more timely.
25/01/2017 13:02 GMT

Fighting The Grey Parrot Blues

The work of The World Parrot Trust, BirdLife International, many scientists, bird breeders and others has over the last three decades helped to avert the extinction of many species of parrots. Even some of the most critically endangered ones have begun to increase in number. The African Grey Parrot could join that group on the way to recovery and the journey might begin with this month's CITES conference and a ban on wild-caught birds being traded internationally.
12/09/2016 15:46 BST

What's Really Happening to Our Planet?

While we know more and more about our world, we are also more confused than ever. We are confused as to whether or not we have major problems on our hands, and if we do how serious they are, never mind what to do about them.
29/05/2016 20:58 BST

Europe, the Environment and the Smell of 1973

During the summer of 1973, aged 12, I went on a family holiday to Cornwall. I have many vivid memories from that trip and like many abiding recollections some of the most powerful come from smell. As I bobbed about one day in the surf by the mouth of a little river on Porth Beach near Newquay there was a pungent aroma coming from the water.
11/04/2016 14:59 BST

Tackling Forest Fires Is Vital for Tackling Climate Change

In many countries the most visible symbols of climate change are linked with the fossil fuel economy. Gas guzzling 4X4 vehicles, expanding airports and coal-fired power plants understandably among them. But what of land and forests?
24/09/2015 12:06 BST

Can a Sporting Event Alter the Course of History? - The Case of Formula E

I'm not really a sports fan, but I am pleased today to be making my debut as a sports writer. I do understand the excitement that comes from following the fortunes of a favorite team or figure, but I sometimes find major sporting events a little empty, a diversion of energy and somehow detached from the real world.
24/06/2015 16:38 BST

Why 2015 Must Be The Year to Protect the Lungs of the Earth

As countries struggle to reduce emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels, this is a very significant conclusion that should reshape the international climate change agenda. But what to do, it is after all not as if there haven't been serious efforts down the decades to halt forest loss?
07/04/2015 23:53 BST

Why Britain Needs a Nature Manifesto

Nature is not a drag in meeting social and economic goals. The reverse is the case. Perhaps more of them would be able to see this if only they spent a little time reading the evidence confirming this alternative reality, much of which was officially collected at considerable public expense.
08/02/2015 23:27 GMT

Forests for the Future

Will a high level meeting taking place in London today add momentum to efforts to save the world's remaining tropical forests? ... If we don't keep the forests then it's not only wildlife that will suffer, but human societies too, and not just those living in and around the forests, but right around the world.
26/01/2015 01:09 GMT

Where Money Meets Nature

In order to inspire more of the kinds of actions that have already led to significant progress in a number of fisheries, The Prince of Wales's meeting will also see the publication of a new report written by the US-based Environmental Defense Fund and the ISU. It's called Towards Investment in Sustainable Fisheries.
09/07/2014 18:15 BST

The Floods Should Convince Ministers to Increase Home-Grown Energy

In the aftermath of the floods and the debate about what needs to be done to prevent similar events in future, there has been a focus on the role of farming. A lot of this has been about land use, and how water can be slowed down with trees, better soil management and wetlands...
13/03/2014 11:05 GMT

Wind Energy: A Win Wind Situation

I am very happy to debate the choices we face in navigating a path toward a reliable, clean and affordable energy system, but when commentators resort to misinformation, scaremongering and rant in the place of reason and facts, then seeing the light that will help us all move forward is all the harder. We face big and difficult challenges.
03/10/2013 16:28 BST

Why Saving the Planet Could Save the Economy

Yesterday's GDP figures reveal that we're back in recession. It's clear that urgent action is required to prevent our economy from slipping back even further - but this news comes on the back of a lack of leadership by the government on one of the few sectors of our economy that is actually expanding.
26/04/2012 10:27 BST

Why Prince Charles's Marine Programme Can Impact on the Future of World Fish Stocks

Many of the world's fish stocks are in a state of crisis - right? And there is nothing that can be done about it? Well no. And that is the message that comes through today, following two years of research, conversation and thinking from the Prince of Wales's International Sustainability Unit (ISU) and the launch of a new programme to conserve fish stocks.
02/02/2012 22:05 GMT

Spix's Macaw

Last May, while having dinner with a close friend, I suddenly found myself on the receiving end of unexpected compliments - for having had one of my books made into a film." What film?" I said. "<em>Rio</em>", my friend replied, adding that it was "the one about the two rare blue parrots"... The last bit certainly rang a bell, as I was the author of a book called <em>Spix's Macaw</em> - the race to save the world's rarest bird. This true story charted the fortunes of a single male of this rare blue parrot and how he was reunited with a last female in a bid to save the species from extinction.
01/01/2012 19:52 GMT