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Valerie Vaz

Labour MP for Walsall South

Labour MP for Walsall South

Theresa May Is Saddling Britain With A Zombie Government

Following a year of failure that ended in her government losing its majority, Theresa May is doing everything she can to stifle debate in Parliament. Since the election there have been just four debates on Government legislation, offering MPs a total of just under 13 hours in which to have their say.
17/07/2017 08:25 BST

Why Andy Burnham Is the Leader Labour Needs If We Are to Reconnect With BAME Voters

The Tories more than doubled the number of ethnic minority voters it won and started to close the gap on Labour. While Labour still held a distinct lead, securing over 50% of the vote from ethnic minority voters, the Tories support grew from 16% in 2010 to 33% by 2015. These results must act as a warning to Labour - we simply cannot take any voters for granted.
27/06/2015 09:42 BST

Tories: Undermining the NHS and Playing Politics With Mid Staffordshire

For all the government's tough talk of protecting the NHS, £2.2bn from the NHS budget was handed back to the Treasury in last week's budget. Ministers have let care standards slip as they obsess over an unnecessary reorganisation that's taken £3bn out of patient care when the frontline is making unprecedented savings.
28/03/2013 16:09 GMT