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Victoria Joy

Online editor, writing across fashion, beauty and lifestyle and attempting to survive without weekly food packages from Mrs Joy

Victoria Joy is an online editor and writer who covers news and features across fashion, beauty, weddings, health and lifestyle. Although she's lived in London for years and is happily shacked up with her boyfriend, she does struggle to cut the apron ties from her lovely jubbly parents - in the most part due to those heaven-sent Sunday roasts. Find her tweeting at @spreadingthejoy and find her musings at

Let's Help Kim and Kanye Choose a Baby Name

So here's some already-great names (I use the term loosely) that they could choose from if they're struggling, all following the signature Kardashian K start, obviously:
18/06/2013 18:07 BST

Living With a Boy

It's not that I hadn't lived with men before; I grew up suffering dead arms from my older brother. But this didn't quash my fear when the time came to move in with the other half, it made the uncertainty worse.
10/06/2013 13:43 BST