Countdown’s Rachel Riley Can’t Hide Her Giggles After Contestant Spells Out ‘Vaginas’

It's not big, or clever.

06/06/2017 11:42 | Updated 06 June 2017

Countdown’s numbers whizz Rachel Riley couldn’t hide her amusement when a certain word came up on Monday’s show.

And the word in question? That’ll be ‘vaginas’ (stop giggling at the back).

Channel 4

One person not laughing was host Nick Hewer, who kept a straight face as he asked Dictionary Corner if they could better it, to which guest Jimmy Osmond said: “I think that about does it. We have ‘saving’… not nearly as interesting.”

Remaining straight-faced,  Nick quickly said: “I think we’re happy enough now we’ll move on.”

Channel 4

The daytime Channel 4 show has treated us to an array of amusing words of late.

In April, Rachel’s face pretty much said it all as she spelled out the word ‘squirter’ on the ‘Countdown’ board.

Things also took a naughty turn when Rachel’s boyfriend and former ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner Pasha Kovalev joined Dictionary Corner, and left his girlfriend red-faced as he declared “phallus” as an answer during one round.

Check out some of our favourite rude ‘Countdown’ moments in the gallery below...

Countdown's Naughtiest Words
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