07/03/2017 15:47 GMT | Updated 07/03/2017 18:40 GMT

'Countdown': Pasha Kovalev Serves Up A 'Phallus' As He Joins Girlfriend Rachel Riley On Channel 4 Show

Nothing to see here.

It was bring your partner to work day on Tuesday’s (7 March) ‘Countdown’, as Rachel Riley’s boyfriend Pasha Kovalev popped up in Dictionary Corner. 

However, the mathematics whizz may be regretting the decision to let the ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ professional appear on the Channel 4 quiz show, after he provided a potentially embarrassing moment. 

Channel 4

As host Nick Hewer crossed over to dictionary corner to get Susie Dent’s recommended words after one round, Pasha offered one of his own suggestions, in the form of ‘phallus’. 

“There’s a little bit of a longer word,” he said, perhaps not realising his innuendo.

“It’s seven, and it’s... phallus.”

The word drew some polite tittering in the studio, while Nick remarked it was “very good”, without so much as even the raise of an eyebrow. 

Channel 4
Susie Dent and Pasha Kovalev were in Dictionary Corner

The show threw up some memorable moments last month, when the words ‘shithead’ and ‘squirter’ both appeared on the board

However, neither of these incidents come close to what happened back in October, when host Nick Hewer was left red-faced after asking Rachel Riley if she was “gagging for a hard one”.

Ooh, matron. 

‘Countdown’ airs weekdays at 2pm on Channel 4. 

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