13 Fantasy Band Names Inspired By General Election 2017

Remember 'Coalition Of Chaos'?

20/04/2017 18:33 BST | Updated 18/05/2017 18:13 BST

After HuffPost UK brought you 15 fantasy band names inspired by Donald Trump, we bring you 13 fantasy band names inspired by our snap election.

  • 1 Smell My Spaniel
    North London quintet whose sound was described as 'a satirical attack on the fusion of Rock n' Roll with commercial Pop' on their still-online 2005 website. 
  • 2 Coalition Of Chaos
    Trip hop supergroup that never recovered after one its members shouted abuse at a radio breakfast show host.
  • 3 The Saboteurs
    Daily Mail
    Electronica duo whose forgotten second album is actually better than their debut, your hipster colleague says.
  • 4 Strong And Stable
    Boyband whose members were marketed as marriage material.
  • 5 We're All Sinners
    Country and Western group best remembered for launching frontwoman's solo career.
  • 6 Progressive Alliance
    Seven-piece pop group that sank without a trace after winning Britain's Got Talent.
  • 7 Bankers' Levy
    Evening Standard
    Acoustic trio reviving old English folk songs.
  • 8 Tactical Voting
    Chemical Brothers clones whose album 'Proportional Representation' was big in Brazil.
  • 9 Unending Tory Rule
    Nihilistic Grunge four-piece.
  • 10 Empty Chair
    Shoegazing rockers touted as 'the next My Bloody Valentine' by NME in 2009, 2010 and 2013.
  • 11 The Media And Establishment
    Side project involving most members of Radiohead that has yet to release anything.
  • 12 Don't Believe The Polls
    HuffPost UK
    Art rockers who change lyrics at each gig to reflect current events.
  • 13 Net Migration
    DJ name of former Tactical Voting member.