11 Fantasy Band Names Inspired By General Election 2017

Remember 'Coalition Of Chaos'?

20/04/2017 18:33 | Updated 3 days ago

After HuffPost UK brought you 15 fantasy band names inspired by Donald Trump, we bring you 11 fantasy band names inspired by the first days of our snap election.

  • Coalition Of Chaos
    Trip hop supergroup that never recovered from the controversy of one its members shouting abuse at a radio breakfast show host.
  • The Saboteurs
    Daily Mail
    Electronica duo whose sadly-forgotten second album is actually better than their debut, your hipster colleague says.
  • We're All Sinners
    Country and Western group best remembered for launching frontwoman's solo career.
  • Progressive Alliance
    Seven-piece pop group assembled by Simon Cowell aimed at the teen market.
  • Bankers' Levy
    Evening Standard
    Acoustic trio reviving old English folk songs.
  • Tactical Voting
    Chemical Brothers clones whose album Proportional Representation was big in Brazil.
  • Unending Tory Rule
    Nihilistic Grunge four-piece.
  • Empty Chair
    Mid-nineties shoegazing rockers touted as 'the next My Bloody Valentine'.
  • The Media And Establishment
    Side project involving most members of Radiohead that has yet to release anything.
  • Don't Believe The Polls
    HuffPost UK
    Art rockers who change lyrics at each gig to reflect current events.
  • Net Migration
    DJ name of former Tactical Voting member.
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