Grenfell Tower Fire Death Toll After Apartment Block Inferno

May they rest in peace.

19/06/2017 15:58 | Updated 6 days ago

Of the 79 people dead and missing presumed dead after the Grenfell Tower disaster, only five have been formally identified. 

Police said that they have also identified five people who were believed to be missing but are actually “safe and well”. 

“The awful reality, as I have said before, is that due to the intensity of the fire and the devastation within Grenfell Tower, that we may not be able to identify everybody that died,” Commander Stuart Cundy said.

London Fire Dead 

  • Khadija Khalloufi
    PA Wire/PA Images
    The 52-year-old has been named as having died in the blaze at the Grenfell Tower fire.
  • Anthony (Tony) Disson
    In a statement, his family said: "Our family are devastated at receiving the news that Tony sadly did not survive the fire at Grenfell Tower.

    "Tony leaves behind a large family, his wife, sons and grandchildren, including one grandchild he will never get to meet.

    "We miss him terribly, and are pulling together as a family and trying to stay strong under these tragic circumstances. We ask at this time that our family are left to grieve in private." 
  • Mohammad Alhajali
    Twitter/ Rasha Alhajali
    Syrian refugee Mohammad Alhajali’s family confirmed he had also been killed in the inferno.

    The 23-year-old came to Britain from his war-torn home in Daraa, Syria, three years ago. He was separated from his brother Omar, 25, as they tried to flee the fire. Omar is understood to be recovering in hospital. 
  • Ya-Haddy Sisi Saye, also known as Khadija Saye
    The 24-year-old was understood to be on the 20th floor with her mother Mary Mendy, 53, when the blaze broke out. It is not yet known if Mendy was able to reach safety.

    Family friend and Labour MP David Lammy tweeted his grief on Friday morning, calling her death a “tragic loss” and stating his heart was breaking.

    His wife Nicola Green, a portrait artist who had been mentoring Saye told the Evening Standard she last heard from her at 3am on Wednesday when she was Facebook messaging because her phone would not work. She said: “She was saying she just can’t get out and ‘Please pray for me. There’s a fire in my council block. I can’t leave the flat. Please pray for me and my mum.”
  • Abufars Ibrahim
    Kritchanut via Getty Images
    Abufars Ibrahim, 39, died in the fire, the Met Police have confirmed. 
  • Khadija Khalloufi
    Metropolitan Police
    Khadija Khalloufi, 52, was the fifth victim named. She lived with her husband Sabah Abdullah on the 17th floor. They both fled their flat but became separated.
    He told Sky News: 'I opened the door and black smoke came towards our faces, so I grabbed her hand and told her to do like me - pull part of the dressing gown over her nose to filter the air.
    'At the 16th floor I looked behind me, she's there... We reached the 15th floor, I look back and I didn't see her.'
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