Lisa Riley Reveals Plans To Adopt As She Feels It 'Wouldn't Be Fair' To Get Pregnant

The actress discussed her mother's battle with cancer.

31/05/2016 09:58

Lisa Riley has revealed she would like to "adopt" as she feels it "wouldn't be fair" for her to get pregnant.

Discussing the possibility of becoming a mum, the 39-year-old said due to her family's history of cacner, she wouldn't want to risk it. 

Riley's mum died from breast cancer ,aged 57, and her father had a cancer scare in 2015.

"With my gene pool, it wouldn’t feel fair having a child myself," she told OK! Magazine

"I think I'm more likely to adopt from one of the countries I’ve visited - Ethiopia or South Africa - than the western world."

Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

The actress has previously spoken publicly about her reticence to start a family.

In November 2013, following her mum's death, Riley said, according to the Mirror: "I can’t see myself ever becoming a mum.

"I wouldn’t want my child to endure the same agony I have endured since mum died of breast cancer."

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