London Marathon Fancy Dress Outfits Range From The Creative To The Downright Uncomfortable

Making the endurance challenge ever more gruelling.

21/04/2017 16:00 | Updated 21 April 2017

Running a marathon is an incredible feat in itself - but some people like to make it even harder by dressing up in fancy dress.

This year more than 50,000 runners will tackle the London Marathon, setting off from Blackheath and finishing on The Mall.

A large majority of those running the 26.2 mile race will be raising money for charity, with many gaining entry on a charity place.

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As if running a marathon wasn't hard enough, some people also wear fancy dress

Every year tens of millions of pounds are raised by marathon runners and many have caught on to the idea that they might be able to raise more if they make their run as uncomfortable as possible by wearing outlandish outfits.

Fancy dress is also a great way of raising awareness about different charities and their work.

So we’ve rounded up some of the most inventive and frankly most uncomfortable-looking outfits over the years...

  • 1
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    This is a pretty ingenious elephant outfit to be fair.
  • 2
    PA Archive/PA Images
    It took us a moment to figure out what was happening here.
  • 3
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Someone's got the hump.
  • 4
    PA Archive/PA Images
    It all got a bit political during the 2015 London Marathon.
  • 5
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Hey, its-a Mario!
  • 6
    PA Archive/PA Images
    This probably felt like a bird-brained idea by the time he got to the finish line.
  • 7
    PA Archive/PA Images
    That must have been pretty flipping warm.
  • 8
    PA Archive/PA Images
    It must be pretty hard to see out of this one surely?
  • 9
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Yes. That is a scrotum.
  • 10
    PA Archive/PA Images
    This is not the race you're looking for.
  • 11
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Around mile 20 is usually when people start to really feel like death.
  • 12
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Look at that HAIR!
  • 13
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Here's hoping this runner didn't find themselves in a spot of bother.
  • 14
    PA Archive/PA Images
    No, your eyes are not deceiving you, that's the London skyline running the marathon.
  • 15
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Bonus points for the matching footwear and everything.
  • 16
    PA Archive/PA Images
    At least George's friends would have been able to spot him coming.
  • 17
    PA Archive/PA Images
    It's not surprising this runner took several days to complete the marathon, given his aquatic get-up.
  • 18
    EMPICS Sport
    One runner experiencing the Dark Side of the marathon.
  • 19
    EMPICS Sport
    Because nothing says 'running' like...Pepperami?
  • 20
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Think that's supposed to go on your foot, mate.
  • 21
    PA Archive/PA Images
    This runner must've charged around the route.
  • 22
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Yes, he dragged an eight foot drag the whole way in a real suit of armour.
  • 23
    EMPICS Sport
    You say 'marathon', I say...'pasty'?
  • 24
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Bet this runner wished they could have had a piggyback.
  • 25
    PA Archive/PA Images
    This runner is known as Tony the Fridge. For obvious reasons.
  • 26
    PA Archive/PA Images
    Things getting fruity on the marathon route.
  • 27
    EMPICS Sport
    This one takes a minute to understand. 
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